Heliocentric Technologies ZA

Heliocentric Technologies ZA offers radiation testing services for the microsatellite, nanosatellite and Cubesat industry.

SIDT - Satellite ID Tag

Satellite ID Tag (SIDT) is a system using ground-based laser to determine the precise location and identify of a spacecraft. More information can be found on the SIDT page.

Components in Stock

We maintain a range of common components in stock, for fast delivery to our customers, tested for both TID and SEE (up to 100 MeV.cm2/mg). Components include:

  • FPGAs
  • Micro-controllers and Micro-processors
  • Data storage and memory
  • Power FETs

    Please contact us with your requests or to recieve a list of components we currently have in stock.

    We also on-sell components that are screened as part of other programs. If you have components that have been screened for either TID and/or SEE, we can help you to make money from them.

    Testing On Demand

    Our test facility can provide high energy protons up to 200MeV for Single Event Effect testing. Please contact us for:

  • Batch testing of components
  • Board-level testing
  • Satellite-level testing (nano-satellites only)